Blue Man Group

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Now Showing - Dec 31, 2019

Blue Man Group combines music, technology and comedy to create a form of entertainment that defies categorization and appeals to people of all ages. Blue Man Group’s shows have been described by critics as “innovative,” “energetic” and “wildly entertaining.”


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Now Showing - Oct 4, 2019

It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length improvised thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock.

Super Human

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Now Showing - Dec 17, 2019

Described as a “splash zone of women,” Super Human prides itself on the team’s diverse personalities and playing styles, with an unmistakable focus on creating inclusive learning and performance spaces.

The Lincoln Lodge

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Now Showing - May 12, 2020

The Lincoln Lodge  is Chicago’s favorite stand up comedy show, now in its 19th year. Each week, the Lincoln Lodge features the best stand up comedy in Chicago, a hilarious variety act, and a Man on the Street segment.

The Blackout Diaries

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Now Showing - May 13, 2020

The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show were standup comedians, plus 'regular' people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc) tell true drinking stories. Then you, the audience, can ask questions.

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

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Now Showing - Oct 26, 2019

See a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of Chicago’s most accomplished comedians.


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Now Showing - Jun 29, 2020

ComedySportz is the longest-running, game-based, short form improv comedy show in the comedy capital of the world, perfect for all ages, offering comedy for everyone! 

Matt Damon Improv

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Now Showing - Nov 17, 2019

The cast of Matt Damon Improv is comprised of all women of color “slaying improv comedy,” sometimes featuring a special guest white male(Matt Damon) or female (Lena Dunham) improv comedy veteran.

Dick Wolf Improv

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Now Showing - Sep 20, 2019

Every Saturday Dick Wolf Improv brings you a completely improvised episode of, executive producer Dick Wolf’s, Law & Order.

True Grits

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Now Showing - Sep 16, 2019

True Grits is about the complexities of southern women who exhibit grace, wit and humidity…or um humility!

Fortune Teller Show

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Now Showing - Sep 18, 2019

Each week, the improvisers of The Fortune Teller Show use tarot cards to peer into your future. See them create improv comedy, as directed by the very hand of Fate herself!

Ego Trip

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Now Showing - Sep 18, 2019

This variety show brings arts of all forms directly to you, showcasing some of Chicago’s most talented artists, performers, and more!

Howards End

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Now Showing - Oct 5, 2019

E.M. Forster’s beloved classic novel, Howards End, is now an enthralling world premiere adaptation by Chicago playwright Douglas Post.

The Customer is Always Right?

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Now Showing - Sep 27, 2019

Real life customer service employees will tell the stories of their worst and most awkward customer interactions and then our improv team will show you how that terribly awkward customer interacts with the rest of the world.

Five Presidents

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Now Showing - Oct 19, 2019

AMERICAN BLUES THEATER'S CHICAGO REVIVAL By ensemble member Rick Cleveland Directed by ensemble member Marty Higginbotham There was only one day in history when all five of these U.S. Presidents were in the same room at the same time: the [...]

College Night

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Now Showing - Dec 19, 2019

College Night at the Annoyance Theatre is a weekly showcase of Chicago's cutest college improv and sketch teams.

Suited Up- a Sketch Show by SPLIFF

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Now Showing - Oct 6, 2019

After two solid years of mass-producing bits and ragers in Chicago, the baddest roommates you know are sweaty, suited, and ready to get down to business. Let this group of tryhards work for your laughter in their ambitious return to sketch comedy.

The Thirty Year Old Virgo

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Now Showing - Sep 16, 2019

Help Michelle celebrate her first time… doing a solo show! The 30-Year-Old Virgo is an earnest exploration of love, labels, and lack of intimacy.

Crime Junkie Podcast Live

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Sep 19, 2019

You've said it before: Crime Junkie feels like you are sitting in a room with your best friends Ashley & Brit talking about true crime. Now is your chance to do that for real!