We’re counting down the ten most-read blogs from 2021. It’s a great reminder of the variety and diversity of theater in Chicago and the BTD. Review your past faves and catch up on any blogs you missed.  


10. Women in Theater & Improving Gender Parity: 4 BTD Leaders Weigh In

In March, which is Women’s History month, we featured two blogs about gender parity. This one focussed on women leaders in the BTD, their experiences as women in the theater industry, and what we can all do to support gender parity. Featuring Elizabeth Ellis from the Athenaeum Theatre, Jill Chukerman Test from Saint Sebastian Players, Margaret McCloskey from Remy Bumppo, and Megan Carney from About Face Theatre.  


Latinx Theaters in Chicago

9. 9 Chicago Theater Companies That Center Latinx Stories

Most of the time the BTD blog focuses on events and companies specific to the Belmont Theater District. But the Chicago theater scene lends itself to so many different types of stories to write about. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we stepped outside the BTD and found 9 Chicago companies who are doing theater their way, and often en español.   


8. 10 Plays Honoring Black History To Read, Revisit, & Produce Year Round

Playlists are something we hope to bring to the blog more often in 2022. When it comes to plays about Black History or the Black experience, there are so many good ones to mention that it was hard to keep it to ten, but we think what’s here is a good variety. This list even got praise and a Twitter “heart” from some of the playwrights mentioned, so that’s an endorsement we’ll happily take.    


7. Camp, Vamps, & Wigs Galore: Welcome to Hell in a Handbag Productions

In 2021, the blog shifted its focus to running features on the individual theater companies of the BTD. It’s so fun to see what each organization brings to Chicago’s theater scene, and as the city’s only camp theater, Hell in a Handbag really brings it! If you know, you know, and if you don’t know, read the blog to find out why!   


6. The Tricks are a Treat at Trickery Chicago!

Did you know there’s a magic show in the BTD? Now you do, and if you haven’t been to Trickery yet, this blog will surely convince you that it’s well worth your time. Get thee to trickery! Seriously, go, it’s super fun. There’s even a psychic bunny.  


5. 4 Chicago Theaters That Feature AAPI Stories

Chicago’s rich theater scene allows for so much to be explored and experienced. For Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we featured four Chicago theaters that focus on the AAPI experience, but every day is a good day to uplift AAPI artists and stories. 


Belmont Theater District Saint Sebastian Players 

4. Saint Sebastian Players: Building Community Through Theater Since 1982

Continuing our features on BTD theaters, we covered Saint Sebastian Players. This BTD theater has been on the scene for decades, and they’re still fulfilling their original mission and intent to use theater to build community. Though they had to change venues in 1990, they’ve been producing theater out of the same space ever since — a rarity for most small companies.    


3. 6 Resources Playwrights Need to Know

I mean, where would we be in theater without playwrights? This blog outlines six resources that make playwriting easier and more fun. If you’re a playwright, you should definitely be taking advantage of everything on this list.   


2. Accessibility & Inclusion On Stage and Off – An Interview with Brian Balcom

This post from fall 2020 grabbed 2021’s #2 spot on our most-read list. We talked with theater director Brian Balcom about his work in accessibility in theater, how things in the industry are changing for artists and what challenges remain for theater companies who want to increase accessibility.  


1. 4 Comedians Reveal What It’s Really Like for Women in the Industry & How They’re Having The Last Laugh

In the BTD, there is so much talk about theater, but there is a lot to be said for the varied and vibrant comedy scene in the BTD. In March’s second blog about gender parity, we interviewed 4 comedians about what it’s like for women in comedy right now, and this just happened to be our most-read blog of the year.   


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