• April 22, 2020 - December 31, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Super Richard World III: Now Streaming

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The Stupid Shakespeare Company’s inaugural production takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom where Duke Luigi and Bowserham scheme against Mario and Princess Peach. Meanwhile Diddy Kong travels on the high seas, to come reclaim his father’s throne. A tale of deception and vengeance, this production decimates the context of the Bard’s play, and replaces it with 90 minutes of smiles. Otherworld Theatre PROUDLY Presents Super Richard World III: It’s Just Richard III With Nintendo Characters. Otherworld Theatre is renowned for bringing nuanced and deep interpretations of Science Fiction and Fantasy to the stage. This is not that.

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Featuring The Talents of Philip Zimmerman as Donkey Kong and Bowserham (Buckingham) Katie Ruppert as Pauline (Margret) Devin May as King Mario the IV (Edward IV), Toad (Lord Mayor) and Diddy Kong (Richmond) JJ Smith as Luigi (Richard III) Michaela Voit as Daisy (Anne) Matthew Keeley as Link (All of the Murderers, etc.) Gage Ranchich as Waluigi (Clarence), KRool (Catesby) Carly Davis as Zelda (Hastings) Mary-Kate Arnold as Princess Peach (Elizabeth) Val Gerard Garcia as Lord Pikachu (Grey), Peppy The Hair (Messenger) and Metaknight Gaby Fernandez as Lord Kirby (Rivers) and Starfox (Stanley) And Molly Southgate as Rosalina (Dorset, young Elizabeth, etc ) and Tiny Luigi (Richard III) Directed by Joshua Messick Written by William Shakespeare, Fixed by Katie Ruppert Technical Design by Dan Sonenberg Fight Design by Matthew Perry Smith

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