“In the Can” with “George Lucas”

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Now Showing - Jul 18, 2019

***THIS IS NOT A STAR WARS EVENT *** The king of movies, George Lucas (Sean Tiffin), moves away from his monolithic past to boost his indie cred by presenting an exclusive showcase of short films from local filmmakers on the Chicago comedy scene.

Daniel Sloss: X

By |2019-06-14T11:26:07-05:00June 14th, 2019|

Jul 20, 2019

After the success of Daniel Sloss' two-hour long Netflix specials ‘DARK’ & ‘Jigsaw’, this is the stunning new live show from Scotland’s award-winning comedy star.

Time Travel for Petty Revenge

By |2019-07-09T13:40:30-05:00July 9th, 2019|

Jul 22, 2019 - Aug 5, 2019

Ever wish you could harness the power of time and space for spite? In her second solo sketch revue, Libby Marshall exposes the uncomfortable reality that people will use unimaginable power for frivolous ends.

Messing with Mason

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Jul 25, 2019

Susan Messing is back for a special show with Rachael Mason! A collection of self-edited improvised scenes based on a single suggestion. A joyful, uncensored, and improvised romp through hell.

Summer House

By |2019-07-09T12:45:19-05:00July 9th, 2019|

Jul 28, 2019 - Aug 4, 2019

A family vacations in a tiny summer home, called a Dacha. In order to kill time and escape the heat they play short form improv games with each other and entertain their American cousins!


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Aug 2, 2019 - Aug 23, 2019

Hacks is an exaggerated version of Maeve Devitt and Kimberly Florian’s friendship. Through sketches and music, Hacks tackles issues we face every day as women, women in comedy, and women in comedy performing together.

Justin Hayward

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Aug 9, 2019 - Aug 10, 2019

Live Nation presents Justin Hayward, featuring Mike Dawes. Don’t miss the legendary Moody Blues guitarist!

True Grits

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Aug 26, 2019 - Sep 9, 2019

True Grits is about the complexities of southern women who exhibit grace, wit and humidity…or um humility!

Improvised Dungeons and Dragons

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Aug 19, 2020 - Aug 20, 2020

Out On A Whim brings classic table top RPGs to life in this epic 2-act improvised show! Each week, the audience selects a core cast of adventurers to embark on an epic quest guided by a guest Dungeon Master! Watch as our heroes endure triumph and tragedy, romance and revenge, all while reckoning with the whims of the almighty D20!