Cigarette Sandwich Power Hour

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Cigarette Sandwich voted "Best online improv/sketch" show of 2020 by the Chicago Reader. “The best sketch comedians working in Chicago” by the Chicago Tribune. Time Out Chicago claims that Cigarette Sandwich’s Chicago SketchFest appearances have “you peeing your pants in laughter.”


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What happens when you put nine crazy characters in a giant tic-tac-toe board and try and get them to answer trivia questions? Chaos, pure chaos. Host Allie Vollmer does her best to reign in the madness every week, plus we are joined by two contestants who must navigate if the comedians are telling the truth or are full of pure nonsense - you’d be surprised how often they are actually right! New characters every week, new trivia, new laughs - if you loved a particularly similar game show from the ’80s and ’90s then you’ll love CSZN Squares.

Dick Wolf: Special IMPROV Unit

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In the Criminal Justice System, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate the crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. Dick Wolf Improv tells you their stories. **PROOF OF VACCINATION [...]

Green Show Live

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Watch as Chicago’s best perform comedy, drag, music, and more LIVE in front of one GINORMOUS green screen on the iconic Annoyance Mainstage. Producers: Andy Rowell, Ashley The fun starts at 8 PM Buy tickets now:  


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Virtual Minor League magically transports our Minor League Division from our home theater in Chicago to the virtual arena online. These are some of the best and brightest future mainstage performers so check them out as they play short-form games in the style of Whose Line or Wild N Out. You can say "I knew them when they were just Zoom comedians'.


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From the movie-obsessed minds of Jesse Gomez and Miguel Lepe Jr, comes this hilariously simple premise for a movie trivia show. Two contestants face off every week to answer movie trivia, but it’s not normal trivia, no-no. Each contestant will get three clues - a person from the movie, a place from within the movie, and a ‘thing’ that is in the movie. Rounds get harder and harder, friends will be called, the audience will be polled, minds will be blown.

Phantom Pilots

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Phantom Pilots is a comedy variety show based on plot and character descriptions from real failed and forgotten television pilots

Rainbow A-Go-Go

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Each month four amazing acts ranging from burlesque, to standup, to musicians, to magicians will do a sample of their act, and then after each act our in house improvisers will do scenes, songs and games based on the act.

The Oddball Social Club

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This sweet variety show is a mashup of improv with other art forms. The show features improv from a rotating cast of some of the best performers from the Annoyance and around the city.