The Belmont Theater District has such a variety of theater and comedy clubs and yes, even a magic show that we thought they all deserved their own spotlight blog so you can learn more about your favorite theaters and hopefully discover new faves, too. So we’re rounding up what we’ve written so far, and as more theater profiles are published on the blog, they will be added to this list. 

Until then, for the full BTD roster, see our Theaters page.  


Saint Sebastian Players

Belmont Theater District Saint Sebastian Players

(Est. 1982) Saint Sebastian Players produces comedies, dramas, and musicals that range from classical to contemporary. They’ve also produced new work in the form of readings and studio projects and mounted a Monologue Matchup Competition. SSP pursues collaborative theater-making to foster learning and growth for those involved. They believe that theater offers “a way for people of all ages, from all walks of life, to more fully understand themselves and each other, both on stage and off.” Learn more about one of the BTD’s longest-running theater companies!  


Remy Bumppo 

Remy Bumppo: Think Quality Theater

(Est. 1996) As a small but mighty Equity theater, Remy Bumppo has carved out and secured a spot somewhere in the center of the Chicago theater spectrum, producing consistently high-quality productions right in the heart of the Belmont Theater District. The Chicago Sun-Times goes so far to say that Remy Bumppo is a “company that could hold its own anywhere in the world,” so we’re incredibly fortunate they’re here in the BTD. . . Read the full article.


Hell in a Handbag Productions 

(Est. 2002) Hell in a Handbag Productions is the best and only camp and parody theater company in Chicago and quite possibly, the world. That’s what their flashy website says, so it must be true. But truth be told, Hell in a Handbag combines the art of camp, parody, and drag performance in a way that stands out even in the giant theater city of Chicago. Click here to learn more about Hell in a Handbag Productions.  



(Est. 2017) Right in the heart of Boystown, near the intersection of Halsted and Cornelia, you might have noticed a store front with windows revealing a small theater inside. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to pass by during a performance or even luckier still to have seen a show already. What you’ve discovered is Trickery Chicago, one of Lakeview East’s best open secrets. . . Read on to find out just what to expect at BTD’s only magic show! 


Chicago Playback Theatre Ensemble

(Est. 2019) For Chicago Playback Theatre’s spotlight blog, we thought it made the most sense to present them on camera so they can demonstrate their unique performance style, and it was a delightful way to spend an evening. Watch the video to see them in action. 


Stay tuned. . . more BTD theaters to come!


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