About Ramona Romance

Since 2008, Vaudezilla has been synonymous with Chicago Burlesque! Vaudezilla is Chicago's longest-running burlesque show; from our early days establishing the standard for local burlesque bar shows to our weekly burlesque theater show in residence at the eclectic Stage 773 in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. In 2011, we opened Vaudezilla Studios, where we offer burlesque classes and workshops to people of all skill levels. When you take a burlesque class at Vaudezilla, you'll be immersed in a learning environment where you'll get both personalized attention as well as a communal experience of inclusivity where every body is welcome! Vaudezilla is also known for its top-notch bachelorette parties, including burlesque lessons. We'll work with your bachelorette party to teach you the fine art of bump and grind and spice up your night of festivities. If burlesque isn't quite the right fit for your bachelorette party, we also offer all sorts of unique and captivating art classes so you and your friends can tap into your creativity. So if you're looking for a burlesque show, a burlesque class, or to celebrate a bachelorette party in Chicago, we think you'll agree that Vaudezilla ranks right up there with the very best that Chicago has to offer!