Why a Belmont Theater District?

The boundaries of the Belmont Theater District range from The Lake to Diversey Parkway to Ravenswood Avenue to Irving Park Road. The BTD has OVER 50 THEATERS located within a 1 mile radius of the heart of the Belmont El, our main (but by no means only!) transport hub. That officially makes us the LARGEST CHICAGO THEATER DISTRICT, one of the best theater cities in the world. The question should be – Why didn’t we think of this sooner? See below for our awe-inspiring list of BTD Partner Theaters.

As an Audience Member, what can the Belmont Theater District do for me?

Excellent question, Audience Member.

Here at the Belmont Theater District, we want to help you navigate the 150+ shows on offer in the BTD on any given day – 7,500 shows every year! Whether it is theater in Chicago, improv in Chicago, comedy in Chicago, our What’s Playing Now page can help you pick a Date, sort by Type of Theater … and Voila! You have a listing of all the shows offered by our Partner Theaters on that date. Pick a show – maybe by a theater company you’ve never heard of – and enjoy. Be sure and check out any BTD Deals at nearby businesses for discounts on food, drink, accommodation and merchandise.

We can also get you FREE & DISCOUNT THEATER TICKETS! Join our Mailing List (see top of this page), and receive our BTD e-Blast with Free & Discount Theater Tickets as well as insider theater info.

Become a Belmont Theater District Business Partner!

If you are a business located within the Belmont Theater District’s geographic boundaries (see above), we’d like to help drive theater goers to your business! If you can offer a compelling, targeted discount for food, drinks, merchandise or accommodation, we would like to include it as a BTD Deal for any theater patrons who plan to visit a BTD theater that day. If you are interested in sharing the stage with the hundreds of audience-goers who flock to the Belmont Theater District every day, get more info at BTDChicago.com/Partner-with-The-BTD/

Who Are We?

The Belmont Theater District is a collaboration between the Lakeview and Lakeview East Chambers of Commerce, SSAs #8, #17 & #27, and local partner theaters & businesses.

For the list of our Belmont Theater District Member Theaters, please see the BTDChicago.com/Theaters

For the list of our Belmont Theater District Partner Businesses, please see the BTDChicago.com/BTD-Deals-Overview

Mission Statement

The Belmont Theater District acts as an advocate to create, promote and strengthen the diverse artistic offerings of the Lakeview neighborhood to its residents and visitors.

Questions? Feedback? Ideas?

Contact info@btdchicago.com.


  • The Belmont Theater District was developed by the Lakeview East and Lakeview Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with local theaters, and is structured to drive traffic and attention to the wealth of superb, diverse and affordable theater located in the Lakeview area.
  • BTDChicago.com was created to connect Chicago’s 1.5M+ theaters goers (⅔ of which attend 7 or more shows per year) and the wealth of award-winning, diverse, and affordable theater available in our area from our 20+ BTD Partner Theaters. Theater lovers can go to our What’s Playing Now page, pick the date they want to see a show, sort by Comedy (Theater, Improv, Sketch, Standup, Drama, Children’s or Musical) – and pick a fun sounding show, possibly at a theater with which they were not previously familiar.
  • At present, 15,000+ people per week visit a BTD Theater — a whopping 750,000 people come through our neighborhood throughout the year, just to see theater.
  • To date, the BTD hosts 150 shows per week — with a grand total of 7,500 BTD shows per year.
  • The BTD holds regular events to create excitement and raise awareness, including our successful BTD Open House & Tours, as well as our BTD Theater Nights that showcase a different theater & show every month, and a BTD Booth at neighborhood street festivals: Belmont-Sheffield Music Fest, Lakeview Festival of the Arts and Taco fest – where people can meet & talk with representatives from a range of BTD theaters.
  • The BTD is home to 100+ bars, casual cafes, and fine dining restaurants that perfectly compliment a day or night out at the theater, and we have put into place a pilot BTD Deals program to capture the symbiotic relationship between neighborhood theaters and local eateries, bars & businesses, with plans to grow it in coming years.
  • The BTD maintains a robust and popular Free & Discounted (Under $15) Theater Tickets Listing, which is distributed to a dedicated Subscriber base of 1000+, and is amplified by our Chamber, Ward and community partners, as well as the League of Chicago Theatres and DCASE — for a total reach of over 100K local residents and theater lovers across Chicagoland and beyond.

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