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A big thanks to all who came out for the BTD Theater at American Blues Theater’s The Columnist, and stuck around for the post-show discussion with artists! The Columnist is a fascinating foray into the role that the press and media in general played in 1960’s American policy – domestic and international … and what those policies say about who we all were as Americans. This play ain’t gonna be around forever – get in there while the getting is good! AmericanBluesTheater.com



Chicago Improv Festival 2017 is HERE March 27-April 2nd.
CHICAGO IMPROV FESTIVAL, March 27-April 2, Tickets: $5-$35.
Featuring more than 145 improv groups from all over from the US, to Canada, to India – performing a wide variety of improv styles, including musical, dramatic, two-person shows, and more! Venues & performers include Stage 773, the Athenaeum Theatre, The Annoyance Theatre, and Under The Gun Theater. Detail show listings & tickets at ChicagoImprovFestival.org






Big thanks to all who came out for Chicago Theatre Week and the BTD Open House Event … a great time was had by all! For more fun shots from the the night, check out the Event Page HERE.